Why a cooperative?
Everyone knows there is strength in numbers. Small-scale food producers, working independently, have a tough time earning enough from sales to stay afloat in a competitive market. As farmers, we are working our fields everyday, growing and harvesting the freshest food possible. Many can’t afford to visit potential customers and seek out new markets because they are so busy in the field. Farmer cooperatives keep farmers growing the food we love because they can pool resources and share expenses. Together, they are stronger.

Our Farms
Sun Produce is a growing group of smaller-acreage farmers practicing safe, sustainable agriculture – with production methods including Certified Naturally Grown, Certified Organic, Aquaponic / hydroponic, organic (not certified), wild-harvested, conventional, and pesticide-free.

Central Maricopa County

Arrandale Farms

From our farm to your table.

Chad and Anthony established a two
acre urban farm, focused on an
active environment, and producing
nutrient-rich food for their community. The farm offers always fresh eggs and fresh produce. They also love their awesome livestock. Their products can be found in Farmers markets throughout downtown and North Phoenix. They have recently opened Chadwick’s Urban Market in Scottsdale.

Crooked Sky Farms

In 1994, Frank Martin decided to pursue
his dream of farming. A love which he
had developed working closely with
his father, who became sick after years
of exposure to traditional farming
chemicals. Today, he continues
Native American tradition and grows
sustainably by use of heirloom seeds,
crop rotations, etc. Crooked Sky farm
emphasizes “Stewardship of the land,”
by prioritizing a healthy environment
and a healthy community.

Maya’s Farm

Nestled up against Phoenix’s South
Mountain, Maya’s Farm is a sustainable
operation growing to support local markets, schools, restaurants, as well as general customers through CSA. With a background in microbiology and geology, Maya knew that growing in an ancient river bed would allow for nutrient rich and healthy produce. Maya’s Farm is also partnered with the Mollen Foundation to shine light on sustainable farming and encourage children and families to cook together.

Orchard Community Learning Center

The Orchard provides programs which build regenerative food systems, develop community wellness, and increase our connection to Mother Earth. These programs include: Food-to-Food compost, to decrease food waste between growers; Healthy Roots Cafe, a plant-based restaurant interning between the ages of 9-17 in collaboration with Roosevelt Elementary School District; STEA3M offering workshops for field work opportunities; Edible garden beds, to be
installed in other communities; and the Harvest is offered at local markets.

Pinnacle Farms

Sitting at the base of South Mountain,
Pinnacle Farms holds 57 acres at their
main location, and 3 other fields located
in Waddell. Pinnacle farms works to
preserve the desert’s biodiversity by
planting varieties which thrive in arid
climates. Many of these varieties offer
flavors not common in most grocery
stores. The farms also focus on using
renewable resources and sustainable
practices to promote environmental and
nutritional health for future generations.

East Maricopa County

The Farm at Agritopia

In 1960, the Johnston family established
a homestead in Gilbert, Arizona. Then
in 2015, the Johnston family created the
Family Foundation of Urban Agriculture,
to celebrate agricultural tradition, and
to educate the community on urban
farming. Over 11 acres is dedicated to
the farm, and their agricultural products
can be found at the farm store, and
through CSA. Agritopia even encourages
consumer education by offering
community gardening plots.

West Maricopa County

Blue Sky Organic Farms

David and Sara operate under USDA
organic regulations, and are certified
as organic by California Certified
Organic Farmers. With 180 different
crop varities, Blue Sky offers both a weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, and a farm store. Their produce can also be found at various farmers market in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

Crow’s Dairy

Crow’s Dairy is a 5th generation, family owned and operated Arizona dairy farm. In 2008, after 30+ years of milking Holstein cows, the Crow Family began milking their first herd of Nubian dairy goats and have not looked back. The Crow Family is looking forward to providing more local products that are sure to keep their loyal customers coming back!

J and J Poms

J&J manage a year round U-pick or pickup
orchard, nested in the West Valley of
Phoenix near White Tank Mountain Park.
They are a pesticide free establishment,
and encourage visitors to pick fruit
themselves. The orchard welcomes
pollinators onsite, and sometimes offers
raw honey to their visitors. Jim and Joyce
specialize in growing pomegranates, but
their orchard offers a large variety of
citrus, apples, and other tree fruits.

Justice Brothers Ranch

As the oldest operating citrus orchard in
the state of Arizona, the Justice Family
Ranch has been family-owned since
inception in 1928. Organically grown
citrus is the ranch’s specialty, and it is
encouraged to customers to pick their
oranges from the orchard. The ranch
produces a wide variety of products,
and welcomes other vendors at their commercial farm stand.

Pinal County

Rhiba Farms

Dedicated to providing the Phoenix
area with nutrient-rich produce, Rhiba
farms uses aquaponics. They offer these
to customers by farmbox and by farm
stands at various farmers markets. An
adopt a chicken program is offered to
customers, where the customer can
receive eggs from a cage-free bird, in
exchange for funding the bird’s care.
Customers can also find Rhiba Farm’s
produce at various restaurants and juice bars in the area.

Yavapai County

 Aguiar Farms

Farming is no new trade for Fernando Aguiar. He began learning the art of working with the land as a child growing up on a farm in Mexico. He now lives on a beautiful piece of land in Paulden with his wife and children. While he’s always had a garden to feed his family, he’s been continually expanding over the last few years to provide fresh produce for the local community. Aguiar Farm is abundantly lined with lush plants grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. Fernando and his family started all of their plants from seed. They’re growing peppers, chiles, cabbage, corn, beets, onions, garlic, squash, and an array of other nutritious vegetables, fruits and herbs. 

Blooming Reed Farms

Juan is the son of Fernando Aguiar of Aguiar Farm, a long time local farmer and PFM vendor.  Juan and his wife Keeton still work on the Aguiar Farm but have branched off and are also nurturing their own farm in Paulden, Blooming Reed. They have a wide assortment of the most beautiful flowers- Blooming Reed is a very fitting name!  Vegetable standards such as squash, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and beets as well as melons and herbs are all grown with pesticide and herbicide free practices.

Whipstone Farms

Whipstone Farm’s work is a staple part of sustainable agriculture in northern Arizona. Cory was at the first Prescott Farmers Market in 1996 selling produce from his overflowing garden. All that is harvested from their 15 acres in Paulden is grown without synthetic fertilizer or chemical pesticides. Whipstone Farm has a crew of employees, interns, and volunteers that are essential in its production. Cory and Shanti hold true to their value of relationship by caring and respecting their workers.