President’s Message

There are many reasons our members at Sun Produce decided to form an agricultural cooperative. The main one is that they ‘get it’ that working together on their common challenges could be and has turned out to be, beneficial: through cooperation and collaboration, building relationships of trust, a lot of hard work, and also some fun, they are leveraging mutual resources and success.

Our farms, customers and community members at the Co-op comprise a set of interrelated and interdependent parts that work to come together as a unified whole. They are part of Arizona’s food system – and as such, are located clearly along the route that any food product takes from “field to fork.” The relationships and collaborations they continue to create make them individually and collectively stronger. *

As Sun Produce Co-op moves from a start-up organization into a ‘growth’ phase, there are many partners and friends that have stepped forward and stepped up to make and keep the route smooth and sounder all the time. As often as I can, I will use this space to lift-up a few of the partners and friends that keep us going and grateful and inspired.

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About SPC

Sun Produce Cooperative (SPC) is a multi-stakeholder agricultural and marketing organization that includes agricultural producers, distributors, buyers and market specialists.

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SPC Programs

SPC Programs

Sun Produce Cooperative has several programs designed to deliver locally grown produce to communities throughout Arizona.

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