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Throughout the coming months, Sun Produce Co-op will be taking the opportunity to highlight the farms, customers and community members who continue to innovate, inspire and move the mission of the Co-op forward. Our first spotlight will be on an individual who represents the values of the Co-op, is an active board member, and has seen firsthand the impact our FarmRaiser program can have on local communities. VISTA member Jake Walker had the opportunity to interview Herbert Smith, a veteran educator who now serves as Student Success Coordinator at Metro Tech High School, regarding his experiences. Here are a few excerpts of what Herb had to say:

“I have a major passion for health and wellness! Unfortunately I have had some family members pass away due to some health related issues, so I am very invested in this space. Plus I am the kind of person that not only is going to do it for himself, I want to help others by spreading the word and [providing] access to healthy food options to anyone that it would help.”

“The story of how and why I started the FarmRaiser program here at Metro Tech is an interesting one. First off, we have a weightlifting club here on campus. That weightlifting club is a safe space for students to work out during lunch or after school to improve their physical and mental health. After years of coaching the kids in the program, I noticed that a lot of the kids wanted to eat healthier. This was a surprise because it was contrary to what a lot of people believe. Most people would say that kids don’t want to eat healthy and all they eat is junk food. But they do want to be health conscious and we are simply not giving them the means to do so. That’s why the Co-op’s FarmRaiser program was an opportunity that could address a majority of the obstacles: it provides access to healthy foods, brings it to them directly, and is also at a fair price. As soon as I heard about the FarmRaiser program I got us signed up.”

Herbert then spoke on the value of the quality produce which the Co-op is able to provide.

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